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What is OpenID? How do I get one? How could I Test my OpenID?

You can read on more explained articles about OpenID if you are wondering why you should use one.

Interested already? A very nice tuturial about how to set up your OpenID exists, and detailed OSIS Testing tool is available to see if it works right. We also host a test page (see bellow). Next, you will decide to run your own OpenID server. First place to start is phpMyID - a standalone, single user, Identity Provider (IdP) which is ideal for personal usage. Now, if you want company-wide solution, you will need more.

What is this OpenID-LDAP project?

We are offering an OpenID Provider (OP) as a Free Software with LDAP support as a backend. LDAP stands for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol - Internet protocol that email and other programs use to look up information from a server. It means our Identity Provider will be multi-user and could be easily integrated into solutions based on LDAP SSO (Single sign-on). The current development version works fine with both OpenLDAP and Microsoft Server 2003 Active Directory. Once implemented, the OpenID Provider can be contacted from every OpenID-enabled web site in order to confirm local (LDAP) user identities. See Directory for a partial list of sites that really use OpenID for login or registering.

Once your server is up and running you might want to test it. You can take a read on a very nice and detailed tuturial about how to implement consumer-side support with a web site that already has users with accounts. Implementing consumer-side support for OpenID will give that web site access to your server and your LDAP based identities. If you've made it this far, congratulations!

How could I obtain the software?

The latest released OpenID-LDAP package can be downloaded for free. You may also subscribe to our mailing lists.

What if I have a question/suggestion?

If you have more questions, or if you want to contact us for any other reason, please check out FAQs. Still not sure about it? Go to our OpenID Test page or to external OSIS Testing tool.

And if you need to contact us directly, please write to us by using Skype.

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